Marketing strategy for MSME. Please Turn on the Light

Marketing strategy for MSME

hello good day friends hope you are doing well now we are working on a new topic that is the Marketing strategy for MSME business so the my topic is Please turn on the light

Friends there is a big problem in our society that we don’t focus on marketing so my title of this blog post is please turn on the light the light of your brain for the marketing strategy there are very simple simple strategies that we don’t follow if you follow that strategies we can create a big we can create bi growth in our local small medium businesses. Now, I will tell you the little bit about the best approaches and Marketing strategy for MSME small businesses that we are going to cover in this topic. For small and medium scale businesses we spend very little amount over the marketing so in this topic we will going to cover the strategic approach of marketing with little or no budget.

The following image shows us the index that we are going to cover Marketing strategy for MSME where we have highlighted Facebook adverts Google my business content marketing social media marketing with organic way data extraction and collection email marketing and SMS marketing here all the topics are with very little budget or no budget

Marketing strategy for MSME

Facebook Adverts

Now come to the Facebook advertisement, Facebook advertisement as very global reach use it for the long term and constant for better result and effective keyword research approach Facebook as a very big cordial size that is 2.4 billion users we can get every kind of peoples are present on FB so we get the global reach Facebook has a very good algorithm to find the effective targets so we don’t need any much technical knowledge to run these advertisements we can simply set the budget set the keywords an advertisement is live.
Here we talk about the advertisement budget, budget can be very as for the business volume but I think ok keep your budget low, but keep it constant for events keep more budget for short time.

Facebook Advertisement

Google My Business

Our next tool is Google my business. customer across Google search and maps.
Google my business provides your free website it is a very simple website but you can kickstart with this you can highlight your products and services and it is good alternative to visiting card.
Google my business has very good keyword targeting approach you can create the set of keywords that describe your business it is very best for local business search more keywords more results

Social Media (Organic)

Are next to list social media marketing in organic way, the benefits of social media marketing is faster easier communication customer can directly connect with your customer service networking and partnership increases your business reference social media marketing provides you the website traffic customers feedback you can impress your customer potential by wishes and announcement and much on. you can create the brand value on social media platform if fire followers then higher brand value if higher followers then advertisement targeting is easier. create offers and announcement on social media platform create business offers for your followers create announcement of your business give your followers up-to-date about your business also try to wish on every festival with your all social media platforms.

Data Extraction & Collection

One of the very important topic in digital marketing and manual marketing is data extraction and collection. It is very important key in business quality target audience.

Data collection is very important storing of data customer is free leads target you can use Google forms billing software customer software waveforms to collect the data

Data extraction is very key concept in marketing you can use data extraction software for getting B2B data create strategy for extraction of data target audience data

Your data should be in the following way like name mobile number email address and additional rows as per your business need

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very cornerstone of digital marketing email marketing is very cheap you can use it for longer time of period you can retarget your customer with emails.

Advertisement period should be long term vid consistently targeting approach retargeting create effective utilisation of business

Mailchimp and sendinblue are the platforms for email marketing where you can use 2500 emails for month at the free of cost you can upload csv data format here you can get mobile application and these web portal allows you to send bulk mail on one click. email marketing is very low budget it is almost free of cost send many emails at one click easy setup and global reach.

SMS Marketing

Next one is a SMS or WhatsApp marketing it is a direct and immediate channel of reaching targets it is also very little cost almost at zero budget integrate with billing software and wave events it is very easy set of and global reach.

advertisement period is very long term it should be consistently targeting approach retargeting create effective utilisation of keywords and business here platforms are SMS and messaging apps nowadays all the companies are giving hundred SMS or free of cost utilise this SMS for the business marketing purposes use of WhatsApp and messaging apps for business marketing purposes

Referral And Affiliate Program

next and very important tool is referral program it is very minimum investment and assure our business results referral program here no investment in starting but after some days you need a software to manage referral program so you will need one time software cost but it has ended person assured results you can create a good referral program in should help both you and your reference agent also franchise your business at zero cost it has very good features very low almost free at starting you can integrate it in your current website you can create working non working referral agent pay only after other deals

Hope you understand the concept of Marketing strategy for MSME. why should small business follow the marketing strategy and how they can follow these strategy.

This initiative taken by: Umesh Khivasara, Ukvalley Technologies and Uk18 Digital Payout Wallet

Thanks for reading Marketing strategy for MSME.

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