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Hi, I Am Umesh Khivasara

I am working as a business consultant from last three years. Making peoples toward conversion of the manual business in automation by making use of appropriate ERP and CRM Features. Consulting the use of proper IT services in business automation with department vise categorization like Marketing automation, Sales automation, Support Automation. 

Mr. Umesh Khivasara started Ukvalley Technologies in Jan 2017. Due to his untiring efforts and commitment, as a result, Ukvalley technologies become Leading software development companies in many sectors most importantly in PMS and MLM software at almost on a big level. Today, he is leading the team of several skilled and talented professionals with precision and command for the reason that the company flying at high prestige in the global market. Consequently, Mr. Umesh is known for his unmatched market insight and enormous analytical skills. It is his leadership that has enabled us to mark our presence in several countries and states. As a result, We have a business in countries like Srilanka, Canada, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Most noteworthy, ambitious and hardworking Mr. Umesh has given its identity and prestige in the global market

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