Programs and sessions

sales automation by umesh khivasara

Business Automation for Sales

If you want a auto pilot sales in your manual business, then transform your business into auto pilot mode with sales automation program. It Contains systematical way with machine learning and some IT infastructure.

marketing automation by umesh khivasara

Business Automation for Marketing

Lets make use of some digital marketing tricks along with some IT infrastructure as well as artificial intelligence.  In these program you will learn digital marketing as well as marketing automation.

support automation by umesh khivasara

Support Automation

Support Automation is a systematic way to handle your customers requests  with the help of support automation program.

All About Chatbots

What is chatbot? Chatbot can be defined as AI based computer program that simulates human conversations. They are also known as digital assistants that understand human capabilities. Bots interpret and process the user requests and give prompt relevant answers.